Dog Training

IN-HOUSE — Our trainer will work with your dog while staying with us for the length of time as determined by our trainer. The dog stays with us during this period.

CLASSES — Small groups of owners and their dogs learn basic or advanced fundamentals from our experienced instructor in a safe and structured environment. This is a great opportunity for socializing your dog.

PRIVATE LESSONS — You and the professional trainer work together wtih your dog to attain your goals. Training is done in our heated training facility located on-site..

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Basic Obedience Classes

You and your dog will:

  • Learn to perform reliably sit, come, down and stay.
  • Develop an understanding of the psychology behind dog training.
  • Recognize spontaneous training moments as they happen.
  • Acquire a great sense of confidence and comfort with your dog.
  • Be equipped to continue on to skills that are more complicated.
  • Have fun while learning.

Six weeks — one hour per week

Private lessons available by appointment.

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The Stonington Difference

Our kennel is nestled on 10 rolling acres of grassy play yards and fields. We have on onsite home that provides extra security and safety. Here at Stonington, we strive to create a stress-free environment for all who stay with us. Pets that stay here are never put with others unless they are housemates. We give each of our guest our personal attention through play and exercise. Let our family be your pets extended family, let Stonington be their home away from home.

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Note: We occasionally miss phone call because we are busy taking care our guests, please call back or leave a message.

Why Choose Stonington?

  • 10 acres of Grassy Play and Fields
  • Option for Daily Walks & Playtime
  • Owned by a Licensed Veterinary Technician
  • Able to Administer Medicines and Accomodate Special Pet Needs