Pet Grooming

All-Breed Dog and Cat Grooming

We are fully equipped to handle grooming of both large and small dogs at Stonington Kennels.

All grooming is done to the specifications of the owner unless the condition of the coat does not permit this. Extensive matting will be shaved out for the health and comfort of your dog. We offer the following complete grooming services.

Complete Grooming Services

  • Bath
  • Creme rinse (if necessary)
  • Fluff dry
  • Final brush out
  • Nail trimming
  • Ears cleaning (unless signs of infection)

Note: we do not offer anal gland expression. This is a medical procedure that should only be done under the advisement and care of a Veterinarian.


The Stonington Difference

Our kennel is nestled on 10 rolling acres of grassy play yards and fields. We have on onsite home that provides extra security and safety. Here at Stonington, we strive to create a stress-free environment for all who stay with us. Pets that stay here are never put with others unless they are housemates. We give each of our guest our personal attention through play and exercise. Let our family be your pets extended family, let Stonington be their home away from home.

Call today for information or to make a reservation.

Note: We occasionally miss phone call because we are busy taking care our guests, please call back or leave a message.

Why Choose Stonington?

  • 10 acres of Grassy Play and Fields
  • Option for Daily Walks & Playtime
  • Owned by a Licensed Veterinary Technician
  • Able to Administer Medicines and Accomodate Special Pet Needs